Comparative analysis of the standards landscape for system safety in transportation

In the current issue of the trade journal “Signal + Draht” (11/2020), Dr.-Ing. habil. Lars Schnieder and Dr.-Ing René Hosse look at what the rail and automotive industries can learn from each other in the field of system safety.

In ground-based transportation, assistance and automation functions are increasingly supporting human drivers in their driving tasks. They even replace it almost completely in regular operation. It is worth taking a cross-modal look at system safety standards, as each mode of transport has its own specific challenges, from which others can draw synergies. “Best practices” for rail applications can be recommended to other industries for imitation. There is also potential for the further development of standards for rail applications. This is because the high level of innovation in the automotive sector is creating new standards for system safety, from which automation in rail transportation can benefit.

In their article, Dr.-Ing. habil. Lars Schnieder and Dr.-Ing. René Hosse look at the system safety standards landscapes of the different modes of transport. You can read the results of the comparison of the standards landscape and recommendations for action in the 11/2020 issue of the trade magazine “SIGNAL + DRAHT”.

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