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Assessment Services

The Assessment Service Center (ASC) of ESE GmbH supports manufacturers, operators and authorities in meeting the requirements for reliability, availability, maintainability and safety.

Our comprehensive portfolio consists of inspection, testing, certification and training services to ensure the safe, reliable and efficient use of your complex technical systems and equipment.
The competence and integrity of our expert activities are recognized by independent organizations recognized:

  • Accreditation as an inspection body according to ISO/IEC 17020:2012 by the German Accreditation Body(DAkkS)
  • Testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 by the German Accreditation Body(DAkkS)
  • Recognition as an independent assessment body by the Federal Railway Authority(EBA)

Assessment Services - Mobility (Rail & Automotive)

Our assessors check whether process and method requirements are adhered to in the project. The independent audit confirms the effectiveness of the measures taken to avoid systematic errors. We also provide you with expert support in the interpretation and efficient implementation of the required safety standards for your components, products or systems.

  • Assessment
    • PT1 Planning documents (§60) for LST systems in the area of BOStrab, NE railroads, subway railroads, light railways/tramways, suspension railroads

    • Performance of Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) (§61) at system manufacturers in conjunction with a §62 test of LST systems in the area of BOStrab, NE railroads, subway railroads, light railways/tramways, suspension railroads

    • Commissioning approval (§62) Acceptance of LST systems in the area of BOStrab, NE railroads, light railroads, suspension railroads

    • Assessment of the migration of WIN 10 for operating and display systems (system manufacturer Siemens)

    • Assessment of vehicle and track-side components in the field of BOStrab, NE railroads, light railroads, suspension railroads

    • Assessment of SIMATIC S7 Sil3/Sil4 on the basis of a safety certificate from the system manufacturer

  • Training and further training of inspection experts in the BOStrab area (PT1/PT2 plan inspectors, acceptance inspectors) -> Support and training of new experts for LST systems

  • Verification of the system-specific configuration of railroad infrastructure systems
  • INA planning (inductive safeguarding of approaching trains)
  • Preparation of test reports

Assessment of signaling (sub-)systems for local rail transport systems and industrial railroads according to CENELEC standards (DIN EN 50126; DIN EN 50128; DIN EN 50129) and legal bases (e.g. BOStrab). The following aspects are considered here:

  • Proof of the intended use of the control and safety technology as a result of the correct application-specific configuration (project planning)
  • Proof that the control and safety technology was functioning correctly at the time of the assessment
  • Testing of safety-related application rules for control and safety technology with regard to operation and maintenance
  • Inspection of safety certificates for control and safety technology

Testing, inspection and auditing of OT security for various industries

  • Railroad applications in accordance with CLC/TS 50701, taking IEC 62443 into account
  • Automotive applications according to IEC 21434
  • Industrial applications in accordance with IEC 62443, IEC TS 63069 and IEC TS 63074

Testing, inspection and auditing of functional safety (management, hardware and software)

  • for safety components (sensors, controllers and actuators) under the Machinery Directive / Machinery Ordinance in accordance with IEC 61508, IEC 62061 and ISO 13849
  • for machines according to ISO 13849
  • for the process industry according to IEC 61511
  • for measuring, control and regulation equipment as part of explosion protection measures in accordance with TRGS 725
  • Vehicle Assessment – Rail

    • Independent assessment of the risk management process and its results in accordance with Regulation (EU) 402/2013 for innovations, changes and adaptation of technical systems as Independent Assessment Body (UBS)

    • Evaluation of the coverage of requirements for rail vehicles according to Regulation (EU) 2018/545, Article 13

    • Preliminary review and progress monitoring of safety-related activities with regard to the risk management process

    • Conducting audits to qualify the applicant

  • Vehicle Assessment – Automotive

    • Evaluation of introduced processes against the procedures specified in the safety plan

    • Confirmation of the correct execution of safety-related process steps in all phases of the life cycle in accordance with ISO 26262

    • Assessment during development to ensure a functionally safe viewing unit in accordance with ISO 26262
  • System Approval Management

    • Preparation of approval plans for trams (according to BOStrab) and railroads (according to EIGV), organization of the evaluation process

    • Taking on subtasks such as recording requirements, risk and security analyses

    • Selection and coordination with the assessment bodies to achieve conformity

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ESE GmbH | Assessment Services in der Industrie

Assessment Services - Industry

The safety and health of all employees is always our top priority. Whether machine safety, occupational safety or conformity assessment – our experts support you in the various areas to protect your employees from avoidable dangers in their day-to-day work.

  • Risk assessments and operating instructions in accordance with the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health

  • Health and safety coordination and DGUV coordination on industrial construction sites

  • Research and consideration of product-specific standards for the safety of machines

  • Risk assessments according to DIN EN ISO 12100

  • Evaluation of functional safety according to DIN EN ISO 13849-1 and validation according to DIN EN ISO 13849-2

The CE marking is the expression that the respective product complies with the requirements of the European Union imposed on the manufacturer. Before the CE mark is affixed, conformity with all requirements must be fulfilled.

We support you with the

  • Determination and specification of requirements
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation to prove conformity with the applicable regulations
  • Explosion protection concepts, documents, verification documentation and recurring tests in explosion protection
  • Risk assessments and safety concepts for old systems, modifications, interlinking

  • Introduction, organization, training and auditing of lockout tagout

  • Testing, inspection and auditing of the Machinery Directive / Machinery Ordinance

  • Training, workshops, consultations, inspections on all topics within the scope of services

Selection of our references in the rail sector

Our team of highly qualified experts offers a wide range of services for local and long-distance transportation. We make our customers’ projects safe.

Become an assessor

In our Assessment Service Center, we train the assessors of tomorrow today. On successful completion of your training, we will appoint you as Lead Assessor Automotive, Rail or Industry, depending on your sector focus. We are also happy to support your path to becoming an externally recognized expert, for example through the Federal Railway Authority.

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