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The digital transformation of the rail system has only just begun. The use of digital technologies in the rail sector is enabling ever more complex and closely timed traffic flows. The railroad is thus responding to the rapid growth of the population and the increasing demand for public transport.
It has never been more important to create trust in the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence and automated driving than now. This is because the need for secure technologies that are protected against unauthorized access by third parties is constantly increasing and becoming indispensable.

Know-how for the entire rail system

Many years of successful cooperation with customers in the rail industry have shaped ESE’s development. Coming from the field of signal and control technology, we now offer you engineering services along the entire life cycle of your products, systems and installations. With our expertise, we are at your side to meet the increasingly complex requirements of local and long-distance transportation.

As ESE, we combine extensive know-how from different areas of the overall rail system. Starting with the recording and comparison of requirements for your specific product, through to the development of hardware and software. We support you with the mechanical and technical design as well as the assessment, acceptance and commissioning of all systems on the infrastructure, track and vehicle.

Our in-depth knowledge of standards sets us apart: We develop safety-critical applications for you up to Safety Integrity Level 4 (SIL4), in compliance with CENELEC standards EN 50126, 50128, 50129 and MÜ8004.

Software & Systems

We specialize in security software and system development. We cover the entire development portfolio, from requirements analysis and design to programming, testing, integration and acceptance of individual software solutions. And all this in compliance with the basic railroad technology standards (EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129).

ESE GmbH | Unser Know-how in Software and Systems
ESE GmbH | Unser Know-how im Bereich Safety and Security

Safety & Security

The security of components and protection against unauthorized access by third parties is crucial for the overall railroad system. Hazard analyses and safety verifications of systems, subsystems and components play a central role here. We make sure that you know all the requirements for your systems and meet the applicable standards.

Vehicle construction

In addition to technical solutions for rail-bound transportation, a special team of experts is working on vehicle design. We plan, design and develop your rail vehicles from both an electromechanical and mechanical perspective and prepare all the necessary documents. We also have the expertise you need to convert and upgrade your existing rail vehicle fleet to modern train control systems or drive technologies.

ESE GmbH | Wir arbeiten für Sie im Bereich Konstruktion
ESE GmbH | Wir arbeiten für Sie im Bereich Assessment Services. Gutachten und Prüfungen.

Assessment Services

Our team of highly qualified and recognized experts offers a wide range of quality-compliant inspections and expert reports on complex systems and installations in local and long-distance transport. We accompany you on the way to approval of your components and systems.

Theory meets practice

Find out about the latest technologies and projects in our practical technical articles.

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As a leading know-how partner, we develop the success stories of the future with trustworthy technologies. Together with our customers, we master industry-specific challenges. Our teams of experts provide support throughout the entire project process.