“In many conurbations and metropolitan areas, the demand for transport is constantly increasing. Against the backdrop of climate change, it is a declared political goal to increasingly meet this growing demand with sustainable public transport services in the future. Increasing attention must also be paid to the economic efficiency of operations. This goal can be achieved through depot management systems
(BMS) are supported.

BMS optimize the flow of all activities of the transport companies that are geared towards the handling of vehicles in the depot. In combination with the increasing degree of automation of public transport vehicles, there is potential for automated depot management in the future.”

In their article for the trade magazine “Der Nahverkehr” (issue 6/2023), Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Lars Schnieder and Torsten Vogel (Managing Director of PSI Transcom GmbH) describe the functional structure of depot management systems and present the objectives in detail.

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