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The increasing transition from former mechanical products to mechatronic solutions and intelligent, safety-oriented software and systems presents operators and manufacturers with numerous new challenges.
With our teams of experts, we support you in the successful design and implementation of innovative products and services. We support you in engineering with customized development approaches. Our ideas offer optimum solutions to meet your needs and the requirements of your products and systems.

Our expertise in software and systems engineering

With their many years of experience, our highly qualified teams of experts support you in all phases of the project, across different sectors and industries.

Requirements engineering comprises the elicitation, documentation and testing of requirements.

Requirements management engineering is crucial to the success of projects, as it defines and continuously maintains clear requirements. By improving the consistency between expected and actual results, misunderstandings can be avoided. Requirements engineers identify unspoken assumptions on both sides to ensure transparent communication and thus create the basis for the subsequent development of the system, component or module.

Once all the requirements for the project have been recorded and defined, our software architects design the technical solution concept. The so-called software architecture comprises the structure of the software and describes the relationships between the requirements and the system to be developed.

A sound architecture lays the foundation for cost savings, accelerates development and increases the quality of applications.

Our special and many years of experience in the realization of system and software projects in the security and embedded sector offer you the certainty that you will receive solid, robust and secure software.

In software testing, we evaluate and check whether a software product or application fulfills all the requirements placed on it. For this purpose, software tests are carried out with different questions in the various phases of development: From the definition of necessary test work to the development of simulation and test environments to the creation and implementation of complete test case catalogs.

In system, subsystem and component testing, we test for absolute reliability, availability, security and robustness in terms of cybersecurity – always in compliance with the relevant standards.

The test results are evaluated and documented so that they can also be used in a normative framework, for example a validation or an assessment.

As soon as systems or individual components could endanger human safety due to potential faults, they must be developed with safety in mind and in accordance with normative requirements.

Using safety engineering, our experts develop suitable concepts and system solutions for you, including specific hardware and software designs, taking into account industry-specific standards (e.g. CENELEC and ISO 26262).

The system and software validation process ensures that the system or software works without errors and that the defined process specifications have been adhered to and implemented in the development process.

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Software Quality Consulting

Industrial software requires a high level of quality, particularly in terms of maintainability, correctness and robustness. For safety-relevant applications, these factors play an important role due to the safety requirements and the durability of the systems. In order to future-proof systems and save maintenance costs in the long term, it is advisable to invest time and budget in the continuous monitoring and improvement of software quality. In order to achieve the best possible software quality, we support you with comprehensive software quality consulting

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