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Each area has its own specific requirements and challenges. Together with you, we will find the right project for your expertise. We create optimal conditions for your success.

Our sectors at a glance

ESE GmbH | Der Bereich Bahn ist ein großer Schwerpunkt bei der ESE


With our in-depth expertise in control and safety technology for track-bound traffic, we develop technologies and vehicles for digital rail operations.

ESE GmbH | Automotive


Our team has a comprehensive understanding of vehicle development processes and can coordinate and assign activities based on the applicable standards for functional safety, cybersecurity and Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF).

ESE GmbH | Industrie


We support you through all phases of a technical system’s life cycle, from the development process to conformity assessment and final commissioning.
We can also assist you with modifications or the dismantling of your machines and systems.

ESE GmbH | ESE ist Part of DB E.C.O. Group

As a leading know-how partner, we develop the success stories of the future with trustworthy technologies. Together with our customers, we master industry-specific challenges. Our teams of experts provide support throughout the entire project process.