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For more than 20 years, our partners in the machine and process industry have relied on our proven expertise in all aspects of industrial safety.
As part of this overall concept, we support you with expert services in all areas relating to the safety of your machines, systems and employees.

Our subject areas

We support you through all phases of a technical system’s life cycle, from the development process to conformity assessment and final commissioning.
We can also assist you with modifications or the dismantling of your machines and systems. We are also experts in occupational health and safety.

The legal basis in Germany for health and safety coordination is the Construction Site Ordinance. This clearly specifies the criteria for the deployment of SiGeKo experts. As a reliable partner, our experts are happy to support you in all aspects of safety on construction sites.

Extract from our service portfolio

  • Creation of safety concepts for construction projects
  • Preparation of risk assessments and operating instructions in accordance with the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health
  • Health and safety coordination and DGUV coordination on industrial construction sites
  • Carrying out safety briefings and effectiveness tests
  • Ongoing inspections to monitor the construction site for compliance with the SiGe-plan
  • Coordination of cooperation between executing companies
  • Safety meetings to evaluate the results with the construction companies

As a manufacturer and operator of machines and systems, you are obliged to ensure safe machines and a safe working environment for your employees.

We support you in meeting the relevant requirements with a broad pool of proven experts and specialists in numerous subject areas.

Excerpt from our service portfolio

  • Research and consideration of product-specific standards for the safety of machines
  • Risk assessments
  • Evaluation of functional safety
  • Risk assessments
  • Operating instructions
  • Safety instructions
  • Explosion protection and fire protection
  • LOTO procedure
  • DGUV coordination on industrial construction sites

The CE marking is the expression that the respective product complies with the requirements of the European Union imposed on the manufacturer. Before the CE mark is affixed, conformity with all requirements must be fulfilled.

We support you with the

  • Determination and specification of requirements
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation to prove conformity with the applicable regulations
  • Risk assessments and safety concepts for old systems, modifications, interlinking
ESE GmbH | Industrie - Unsere Themenbereiche: Sicherheits- und Gesundheitskoordination, Maschinen- und Arbeitssicherheit, CE-Konformitätsbewertungen
ESE GmbH | Unser Know-how im Bereich Industrie

Our know-how

Our team brings together a wealth of expert knowledge to provide you with the best possible advice on your specific concerns.

  • Experts for machinery and plant safety, functional safety, operational safety
  • Occupational safety specialist
  • CMSE® and CE representative
  • Experts for explosion protection, ExFa ® and qualified persons according to TRBS 1203
  • Experts for fire protection
  • Security engineers (FASI)
  • Specialist consultant for technical editing (TAE, Dipl. Ing., M. A.)
  • Graduate specialist translator (univ.)
  • Safety and health protection coordinators (SiGeKo)

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