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Vehicle construction

In addition to technical solutions for railroad technology, our teams of experts are also dedicated to the field of vehicle design. In this environment, we draw on decades of experience.
We support you with our extensive knowledge in the design, development and refurbishment of your vehicles. We design vehicles in accordance with all necessary standards, take care of the technical documentation and also offer services in special areas such as welding technology and fire protection.

We offer you an all-round package and work with you to implement your project from the initial idea to the finished train. We are your competent partner from the shell to the design and interior to the internal software.

How can we ensure that your needs are not only met, but exceeded? By working with you on a sustainable and long-term basis.
Through personal on-site inspections of routes and vehicles, we create a sound understanding of your requirements. We are at your side when it comes to preparing tenders and drawing up specifications. In this way, we ensure that your projects are on a solid footing right from the start.

With our comprehensive expertise, we support you in the basic planning of the entire electrical equipment of rail vehicles. The focus here is on the conceptual design of the vehicle electrics for drives, auxiliary systems and controls.

Extract from our service portfolio

  • Creation of requirements and specification documents, with the involvement of the necessary interdisciplinary departments
  • Electrotechnical calculations
  • Creation of electrical layouts
  • Consideration of all relevant internal, national and international standards
  • Creating and maintaining earthing concepts and lists
  • Documentation of the plans

Our comprehensive knowledge of rail vehicles and their components helps you to implement new projects more efficiently and successfully across the board. We support you from the requirements analysis through to commissioning and ensure that all documents are available properly and on time.

By using modern simulation methods of structural mechanics, deformations and stresses can be determined at an early stage of product development. This improves the quality and reliability of the product. The static strength verifications and fatigue strength verifications ensure that the product can withstand the loads and thus guarantee safety and durability.

Extract from our service portfolio

  • The focus of our activities (in accordance with DIN EN 12663 / DVS 1612) relates to static & dynamic
    • Structural analyses
    • Structural evaluations
    • Structural optimizations
    • Screw calculation according to VDI 2230
  • Driving technique
  • Explicit dynamics (crash)

Our team combines extensive expertise in various areas to help you develop safe and sustainable products.
Our extensive knowledge of supply chains and processes also enables us to ensure that products are delivered efficiently and to the highest standards.

Extract from our service portfolio

  • Weldedment
  • Fire protection
  • Logistics
  • Brake systems
  • Pulling and pushing devices
  • Clutches
  • Transitions
  • FEM and structural calculations
  • Thermal analyses

Our detailed documentation makes it easier for you to maintain and care for your products. The option of receiving the documentation in German and English makes it even easier for you to understand and operate the product.

Extract from our service portfolio

  • Logbooks
  • Repair guides
  • Drawings
  • Assembly and maintenance instructions
  • Spare parts lists
  • Driver manuals
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