Holistic optimization of light rail operations in Frankfurt

Optimum utilization, greater capacity, tighter intervals and higher punctuality of the light rail system – these are the goals of the renewal programme of Stadtwerke Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main mbH (VGF). VGF has launched two projects for holistic traffic optimization in tunnels and on the surface. In the tunnel sections, Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) replaces the existing train control system. At the same time, the “Frankfurt MIND(+)” joint project between the VGF and the City of Frankfurt’s road traffic department is focusing on optimizing light rail transport on the surface. The aim is to improve the flow of traffic, save energy, reduce emissions and improve the quality of life in the city by networking all road users with the infrastructure.

In their article in Eurailpress, Michael Rüffer, Christian Schmidt and Lars Schnieder look at the projects surrounding the “Digital Train Control System Frankfurt”, “FrankfurtMIND(+)” and the services of the “Traffic Light Phase Assistant”, the “Priority Request for Traffic Signals” and “Control of Route Elements and Virtual Travel Block”. By 2025, the two projects on light rail line B should already have been implemented.