Guido Werner and Maik Schmidt appointed as directors and authorized signatories of ESE GmbH

The entry in the commercial register makes it official: ESE Engineering und Software-Entwicklung GmbH appoints Guido Werner and Maik Schmidt as directors of the Automotive and Rail Vehicles business units. Upon appointment, they also receive the powers of an authorized signatory.

Guido Werner takes over as Head of the Automotive Business Unit

Guido Werner joined the ESE team as Senior Business Manager in July 2021 and continues to expand ESE’s business with automotive manufacturers and suppliers to the automotive industry. His professional career to date has been characterized by management positions in the automotive industry.
Werner replaces the previous Director and Business Unit Head Thomas Winterfeldt, who will oversee the transition of the Business Unit until his retirement.

Maik Schmidt appointed Director of the Rail Vehicles business unit

In Maik Schmidt, ESE has gained an experienced business manager from the rail industry. Schmidt heads the newly established Rail Vehicles business unit, which complements ESE’s portfolio with domain expertise in rail vehicle technology, engineering of mechanical components and approval management.
“We are delighted to welcome Guido Werner and Maik Schmidt, two experts in their fields, to our management team,” says Lars Schnieder, Chief Executive Officer of ESE GmbH. “With their many years of management and sales experience, they will significantly expand and develop our activities in the automotive sector and rail vehicle technology,” adds Paul Bethge, Chief Financial Officer of ESE GmbH.