The U5 as the first fully automatic subway line of Wiener Linien

The June issue of the trade magazine “Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau” published an article by Dr.-Ing. Lars Schnieder and others about equipping the U5 line for fully automatic operation.

“The U5 will be Wiener Linien’s first fully automatic subway line. The fully automatic system ensures stability and increases operational flexibility thanks to short reaction times to changes in passenger volumes. The U5 emerges from the existing branch of the U2 line from Karlsplatz to Rathaus, which will be extended to Frankhplatz in the first expansion stage. The line extension connects further areas of Vienna to the subway and relieves other lines.”

ESE GmbH has been closely involved in the modernization of Wiener Linien’s signalling technology for several years through its client Siemens Mobility Österreich GmbH. In recent years, ESE’s validators have checked system-specific configuration data for several interlocking on the U1 and U4 lines and approved them for passenger operation by the experts.

ESE Engineering und Software-Entwicklung GmbH is also closely involved in the U5 project in Vienna on the basis of this proven cooperation. The ESE validators check system-specific configuration data for the signaling subsystems of the U5 line. Based on this, our experts give the go-ahead for the start of test operations and, once these have been completed, the go-ahead for the start of passenger operations. Here, approvals for various construction stages are considered up to 2023 (including commissioning of the test track, construction status of the existing branch of the U5, final expansion of the entire U5 line).

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