CBTC for light rail applications

In the current issue of the specialist magazine “Der Nahverkehr” (3/2022), a specialist article by PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Lars Schnieder, Paula von der Heide and Prof. Dr. Pawel Buczek has been published.

Many operators of light rail systems will have to renew their train control systems in the next decade. One reason for this is the technological obsolescence of the systems, which are often several decades old. On the other hand, the requirements resulting from increasing traffic demand for shorter train headways and reliable (robust) operation can only be achieved with modern train control systems. High-performance, continuous and bidirectional train control systems have become the standard for classic subway railroads worldwide. The existing approaches cannot be transferred to the special requirements of light rail operations without modification.

In their article, Lars Schnieder, Paula von der Heide and Paweł Buczek (Professor at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences) present how the operating modes of CBTC systems commonly used in subway rail operations can be further developed to meet the needs of light rail operations.

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