ESE Engineering und Software-Entwicklung GmbH from Braunschweig takes over BSSE GmbH from Hanover as of 01.01.2015

With its experts, BSSE GmbH is a strategic partner for many companies in the development of software and web applications, mobile solutions, database design and applications, office automation, IT support, virtualization and managed servers.

  • BSSE management and structures will be retained.
  • It will continue to operate independently under the management of the previous BSSE Managing Director Dieter Bentzen.
  • BSSE will exploit market opportunities as they arise and create synergy effects for the benefit of customers through the two companies’ complementary portfolios of software, systems and services.

For ESE, this acquisition is an ideal addition with regard to the continued focus on applications with project planning, software development, validation and operation of systems. The expected comprehensive synergies will provide high added value for the Group’s customers.

Background information BSSE GmbH

BSSE has been creating solutions – IT solutions – since 1996, the year in which BSSE was founded.

During this time, BSSE has constantly adapted to the ever-changing IT market, so that today the creation of web and desktop applications for critical business processes, database applications and office automation are among BSSE’s core competencies. IT security is increasingly becoming a new focus for the entire economy, a point that will generate major benefits for customers through the merger of the two companies.

Background information ESE GmbH

ESE Engineering und Software-Entwicklung GmbH, founded in 1997, is an innovative development partner for many customers in the realization of systems and software in technology and IT. The company specializes in technology consulting and engineering services with an additive focus on functional safety, IT/data security and reliability. Its customers are leading companies in the automotive, aviation & aerospace, healthcare, industry, IT consulting & solutions and rail sectors.

Currently, 200 experts and state-of-the-art technologies contribute to the success of our customers with innovative ideas. ESE provides development services in the form of work packages through to the creation of complete systems in its own development and test centers as well as on site at the customer’s premises. ESE prepares safety certificates and safety/approval reports in its own Assessment Service Center in dedicated areas of work. ESE offers consulting on the basis of products in the field of information security management and IT emergency planning.