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Industrial software requires a high level of quality, particularly in terms of maintainability, correctness and robustness. For safety-relevant applications, these factors play an important role due to the safety requirements and the durability of the systems. In order to future-proof systems and save maintenance costs in the long term, it is advisable to invest time and budget in the continuous monitoring and improvement of software quality. In order to achieve the best possible software quality, we support you with comprehensive software quality consulting.

Higher software quality through ELISA

The market offers a wide range of solutions for analyzing artifacts within the software development process, such as source code, test cases or documents. However, there is no integrated solution that meets the requirements of industrial software development projects in the safety-relevant area.
With our ESE Labfor Intelligent Software Analysis, ELISA for short, we offer you comprehensive software quality consulting, consisting of the know-how of our ELISA experts and our innovative INFINITY analysis platform.


The core of INFINITY is a modular framework consisting of so-called assistants, each of which is responsible for a specific analysis task in the development process. These wizards are arranged around a core that stores the analysis results and displays the data in a clear user interface.

A team of experts works closely with you to determine the analysis assistants that can be flexibly combined for your specific application. In terms of the programming languages used, our focus with the INFINITY platform is on C, C++, Java and Python.
With our assistants, projects of all sizes and from all areas can take a significant step towards higher quality and thus future-proofing the software.

ESE GmbH | Software Quality Consulting - ELISA

ELISA analysis assistants

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