ESE Academy 

In-house development activities at ESE

As a “learning organisation”, ESE is continually developing, improving and optimising its employees’ skills and experience. For this purpose we have set up the ESE Academy, our in-house development organisation which operates at all our locations.

Lifelong learning as a development strategy plays a key part in ESE’s success:

  • Project-based skills development via coaching, on-the-job training, self-study and courses
  • Non-project-based continuous development via our wide range of workshops

We hold workshops to implement ESE team feedback from face-to-face meetings and update meetings, from monitoring our markets and analysing our clients’ judgements and the results from our ongoing improvement process.

To do this, we use university lecturers, established training course providers and our own people so that we get a good mix of theory and practice.

The workshops and afternoon get-togethers prepared by our own colleagues are particularly popular with those involved, because they are based on our own experience. The ESE Academy training courses are always certified, i.e. not only do those involved receive a certificate to show they have participated, but also a post-examination certificate which is generally recognised and indicates their performance level.

However, our staff are continually extending their skills and experience, including away from this type of official development event. The open, communicative, collaborative atmosphere within our company means that each individual’s skills become amplified to create an across-the-board, sustainable corporate knowledge base. We deliberately encourage mixed-experience teams in which knowledge transfers work successfully in our day-to-day business. Do you have any questions about the ESE Academy? If so, please email academy(at)