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Lifelong learning at the ESE Academy

We are a learning company!

Our first priority is to expand, improve and spread the knowledge and experience of our colleagues. We support this through individual development plans.

We have made the subject of further education an integral part of our corporate strategy. For us, it goes without saying that we offer a wide range of training opportunities on relevant topics and that we learn with and from each other.

Our courses - Various and instructive

At the ESE Academy you will benefit from a range of training courses tailored to your level and development path! We offer a variety of workshops, trainings and courses from different areas. The course offer is made up of for example

Courses on relevant standards

Industry-specific courses from the rail, automotive and industry sectors

Engineering courses (software development and testing)

Project-related courses on project management, requirements engineering


Internal training courses by colleagues for colleagues

Different teaching methods such as digital tutorials, workshops, coaching, on-the-job training, self-study or practical simulation exercises are smartly combined. The result is a blended learning approach that ensures an optimized transfer of knowledge and combines theory and practice.
On top: Many of our courses are officially certified by external institutes or are concluded with an ESE certificate.

Course hours

Our course program

Feel free to take a look at the extract from our course program!
Certified Tester Foundation Level

In this basic seminar you will get a comprehensive overview of tasks, methods and techniques of software testing. You will get to know all steps of the software test process, from planning and specification to the performance and logging of tests.

The seminar conveys the contents of the official curriculum of the ISTQB® and is accredited by the German Testing Board. This provides you with the ideal preparation for taking the examination to obtain the "ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level" certificate.

Management and security of railway operations

The course gives an overview of the most important aspects of railway operations and helps to classify many technical terms. The aim of the workshop is to be able to put systems and components that are being worked on in the context of railway operations and to learn how the results of our work are ultimately used in operations. In addition, the workshop is intended to provide a more precise feeling for the importance of the work.

Professional moderation

In this workshop you will learn how to organize your meetings and discussions in a participant-oriented and result-focused manner with the help of successful moderation. You will try out useful tools and strengthen your personal persuasive power in the decision-making process. You will learn how to use the resources and knowledge of all participants to find ideas and solutions, and how to handle disruptive factors and difficult situations with confidence. After this seminar you will be able to integrate moderation into your own work practice.

Do you have questions about the ESE Academy?

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