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Karim was already programming as a hobby as a schoolboy, and quickly realized during his studies that he wanted to work in software development. Read here what he particularly likes about ESE!

"Tell us something about yourself, your training and how you got to your current job."

I was already programming as a hobby during my school days and taught myself a lot. After leaving school, I studied electrical engineering and quickly realized that programming appealed to me more than traditional electrical engineering.

"And what made you decide to come to ESE?"

I was attracted by the fact that it is a smaller company and not a huge corporation. Nevertheless, ESE is not a mini start-up, but an established company with solid structures.

I thought it was quite nice that a few people were introduced on the website so that outsiders could get to know some of the employees. The fact that I received a response to my application so quickly certainly contributed to this. One day after my application, I was called and invited to an interview.

"What do you like most about ESE?"

I think it’s great that we get the opportunity to improve things ourselves, contribute our own ideas and find solutions. Of course, within the framework of the respective project. I also have the impression that we help each other as a team if someone gets stuck at a certain point. And we also have a relaxed and good relationship with our superiors. I can’t imagine working in a large company where I have to use the formal term of address to each other.

I also find the Academy pretty good, and I’ve already taken part in a few workshops there. On the one hand, we have the opportunity to complete courses that end with an official certificate, but also to listen to smaller workshops organized within the ESE that are held by colleagues. It’s great to get an insight into other areas of the company’s work.

“I can’t imagine working in a large company where I have to use the formal term of address to each other.”

"Name three characteristics that make up ESE for you."

The togetherness, the flat hierarchies, the diversity – and the diversity in the workforce as well as in the divisions. At ESE, we have the opportunity to switch from the rail sector to the automotive sector, for example. In addition, it may well be that a project ends, and you work on a new project that has completely different content to the previous one. This diversity in more ways than one is something very special!

Inside ESE

No one could give a better insight into our everyday life than those who experience it every day. Therefore, we asked some of our colleagues from the various departments to describe their everyday lives and careers at ESE in more detail. This way, everyone can get a first impression of us and our diverse work.

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