Project Management 

Efficient methods for successful projects

We can support you as you implement your projects. From the beginning, as you record requirements, search for and select the right team members, and also at the kick-off, with your customers on their premises.

We structure your project, work with you to calculate the time each work package requires, and do the project planning. A stakeholder analysis identifies who is involved in or affected by the project. This enables you to target your communications at specific groups.

We run risk analyses to identify the typical and specific risks on your project. We help you to identify the right measures so you can avoid risks or reduce the impacts of risks.

We can also help you and your project team to implement your project efficiently. This may be done by moderating project team meetings, carrying out regular progress checks, or by deploying teambuilding measures.

Save time, money and nervous energy by using our trained project managers.

We can also run projects on your own premises, assist your project managers or help you with your day-to-day work. We can also provide coaching on the project.

A moderated project debrief will provide you with the key information to use for future projects. Save money – by not making the same mistake twice.

We will also be happy to help you with advice and input when projects have become critical and there seem to be no solutions.

We offer:

  • Project management and support – including temporarily
  • Interim and partial project management
  • Project analysis and management
  • Requirements management
  • Project planning and implementation, and support for kick-offs
  • Stakeholder and risk management
  • Mentoring for project managers
  • Teambuilding and moderation
  • Document and configuration management

The benefits to you:

  • REDUCE RISK – No major factors, definitions or clarifications which are required to make the project successful are left unconsidered.
  • ACHIEVE MAXIMUM POTENTIAL – Our project managers coordinate and manage your teams so that they can focus entirely on their project roles.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – We think of all the key project success factors.