Integration of CBTC systems in rail vehicles

PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Lars Schnieder describes the integration process of CBTC systems in rail vehicles in the June issue of Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau 6/2021.

Increasing demand for transport worldwide requires efficient automated rail transport systems. In some cases, this will require new lines and vehicle fleets. Alternatively, existing control and safety technology is being renewed and the corresponding equipment is being added to the existing vehicles. Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) is now the acknowledged state of the art in the equipment of high-performance rail transport systems. In addition to the design of the overall trackside and on-board CBTC system, the equipment - especially of existing vehicles - represents a special requirement for the interface between the manufacturer of the signaling systems and the vehicle manufacturer.

In the current issue of Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau 6/2021, PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Lars Schnieder, Dipl.-Ing. Rainer David and Harald Fraisl describe the aspects to be considered when integrating new signaling systems in vehicles. They outline the successive steps of the procedure for equipping the vehicles.

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