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"I can't imagine working in a big company where I have to address my colleagues formally."

Since his school days Karim has been programming as a hobby and quickly realized during his studies that he wants to work in software development. What he likes especially at ESE, read here!


"Tell me a bit about yourself, your education and how you ended up doing what you are doing today."

I started programming as a hobby while I was still at school and taught myself a lot. After my A-levels I studied electrical engineering and quickly realized that I was more interested in programming than in classical electrical engineering.

"What made you decide to come to the ESE?"

I was tempted by the fact that it is a relatively small company and not a large corporation. Nevertheless, ESE is not a mini start-up, but an established company with fixed structures.

I liked the fact that a few people were introduced on the website and that external people had a face of some employees. Which certainly also contributed to the fact that I came to ESE, that I got feedback on my application so quickly. One day after my application I was already called and invited for an interview.

 "What do you like most about ESE?"

It is really nice that we have the opportunity to improve things ourselves, to contribute our own ideas and find solutions. Of course, within the framework of the respective project.
We help each other as a team if someone is stuck at one point. And we also have a relaxed and good relationship with our managers.
I cannot imagine working in a large company where I have to address my colleagues formally.

The Academy is also quite good and I have already taken part in a few workshops. On the one hand we have the opportunity to attend courses that end with an official certificate, but on the other hand we also have the opportunity to listen to smaller workshops organised within the ESE and held by colleagues. It is nice to get an insight into other areas of the company's work this way.

"Name three qualities that make ESE special to you."

The team spirit, the flat hierarchies, the diversity - and at the same time the diversity in the workforce as well as in the divisions. At ESE, for example, we have the opportunity to switch from the railway sector to the automotive sector easily. In addition, it could happen that one project ends and you work on a new project with a completely different subject. This diversity in many ways is something very special!




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