ESE at Hannover Messe 2018 - the world's leading trade fair for industry

As one of the most important industrial fairs in the world, the Hanover Messe, which takes place annually in spring, has made a name for itself. Once again this year, the focus of the Hannover Messe was on digitalization in industry. The ESE GmbH as software engineering company and expert for machine data analysis presented itself for the first time together with Splunk on the topic Internet of Things.

The presentation of the ESE Analytics Tool Chain using a model structure that extracts sensor data from an industrial drive, transfers it to a server and evaluates it in real time, enjoyed a high response among visitors from various industries due to its multiple transferability to other applications.
You didn't have the chance to get to know our solution at the Hannover Messe? Then read a summary of ESE's range of services and the presented application case here.

The ESE Analytics Tool Chain
The complete package for machine data analytics and predictive maintenance
ESE GmbH is an expert in the field of machine data analytics, especially in the railway and industrial environment, and occupies a special position on the market due to its profound knowledge in technology, IT and mathematics.
Since 2016, ESE GmbH has further specialized in this field and was appointed one of the important IoT partners of the American company Splunk in 2017. Splunk has specialized in the processing of large amounts of data from industrial environments, among others, using the software of the same name (Splunk Enterprise). The software allows to index, process and evaluate large data packages of any kind.
As a Splunk Professional Service Partner, License Reseller and Splunk Managed Service Provider, ESE GmbH offers you an end-to-end process that ranges from data acquisition to complex evaluations using machine learning algorithms. Certified Splunk specialists cover all relevant areas around pre-sales consulting, software implementation and training.

The full range of services is represented by the ESE Analytics Tool Chain, which implements predictive maintenance in your application scenario over the entire process of data acquisition, analysis, modeling and implementation of a solution in your IT landscape.


Presentation of a model for extraction and analysis of industrial machine data
ESE GmbH presented a trade fair model that describes the entire path of machine data from the production plant to real-time analysis in Splunk.
At the beginning of the chain is an industrial drive including brake and frequency converter, in which some machine data such as current and speed of the motor are already measured.
The data is sent to an industrial data box which is able to read all well-known industrial protocols, for example from programmable logic controllers. Via a Modbus protocol the data is transferred to the box and converted into a json format via a software script implemented by ESE.
A Splunk software module then forwards the data via a vpn tunnel to a server on which Splunk is installed. Here the data is indexed in Splunk and can now be displayed and analyzed in Splunk dashboards.


The trade fair model clearly shows this in a dashboard. Splunk makes changes in current or speed visible in real time, for example by actuating the motor brake, and sends an e-mail as soon as the brake is applied.


This is only a small excerpt of all the possibilities that Splunk offers. Splunk can process text-based data regardless of format and correlate with each other without requiring further programming. Within Splunk's own, intuitive search language SPL, many statistical functions can already be found - this results in the first analyzes within seconds. The Machine Learning Toolkit, a splunk application included in the license, then offers the possibility to perform in-depth statistical analyses such as anomaly detection, clustering and predictions without programming knowledge.

The applicability of the model to various applications within the industry is clear. Real-time plant monitoring coupled with analysis from historical data makes it possible for the first time to detect irregularities in operation, uncover causes and take measures before the production process is disrupted.

The Splunk Consultants at ESE have already successfully implemented several applications of this kind and look forward to implementing your application case soon.

Have we aroused your interest? Then send an e-mail to our colleague Janina Kropf. She will be happy to answer your questions and arrange an appointment with the appropriate contact person for your application.