Dr.-Ing. Lars Schnieder on the protection of critical transport infrastructures at Springer Publishing Company

In July 2018, Dr.-Ing. Lars Schnieder's book about the protection of critical transport infrastructures was published by Springer Publishing Company

"Transport infrastructures are a backbone of our society. This "essential" answers to the question of what is meant by a critical transport infrastructure. IT systems are essential for the effective control of critical transport infrastructures. For this reason, they must be particularly protected against unauthorized access from outside. The motivation for securing critical transport infrastructures is based on applicable legal safety obligations. Based on the European legal framework of product safety, which has been successfully tried and tested in practice for a long time, a holistic concept of quality assurance for the IT security of critical transport infrastructures is presented. Following the design paradigm of defense in depth, concrete options for the organisational and technical design of the protection of critical transport infrastructures are described".


Do you have questions about the protection of critical infrastructures in transport or are you interested in this topic? Please contact Dr.-Ing. Lars Schnieder to talk about your questions or requirements.

The book can be purchased from Springer Verlag at