Test Lab 

Ensure quality and improve customer satisfaction

One of ESE’s core competences is testing. The focus here may be on issues relating to stability, availability, maintainability, security and usability. Tests with different goals are run at different phases in a development:

  • Software module testing
  • Hardware testing
  • Component testing
  • Software/Software-Integration
  • Software/Hardware-Integration
  • Component-/Subsystem-Verification
  • Component-/Subsystem-Validation
  • System-Integration
  • System-Verification
  • System-Validation
  • Interoperability testing


ESE GmbH deploys experienced specialists in any phase where testing takes place. By actively training our staff in methods and technologies, we ensure that standards are complied with and all work is state-of-the-art. Our tester training partner is iSQI GmbH, a company that has developed internationally accepted certification standards for training in the software quality area.

Custom quality

To ensure that quality assurance can be planned and costed, experienced testing managers make sure that:

  • the required scope of the testing and the test criteria are clarified and planned
  • the appropriate testing methodology and testing strategy are chosen and agreed
  • the appropriate testing tools are selected and used
  • the tests are carried out and reports are produced on time and on budget

Typical testing methods include

  • Black-Box testing,
  • White-Box testing
  • performance or load tests and
  • Security testing

as well as tests to meet clients’ specific requirements.