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We can provide all our services as commissioned work, to be done either at our own offices or on your premises, as you require. Our offer can be shaped to meet your needs. Perhaps you would prefer to use your own staff to do most of the work, but you would like a little specialist support?Our consultants can reinforce your teams with expertise from a variety of sectors, as our website shows.

  • Testing and creating development processes relating to technical software
  • Recognising and filling all system and software development roles, from requirements engineering through development to testing and validation
  • Embedded systems, human machine interfaces and security-related systems
  • Project management, project support, quality and safety management
  • Data security in technical systems and IoT
  • Big Data and data analytics in industry and IT plus predictive maintenance solutions
  • Assessor services in the rail, automotive and industry sectors
  • Active training on the job, coaching and hands-on teamwork

Support your software development projects through every life cycle

Machine Data Analytics

Implementing Predictive Maintenance systems – significant time and cost benefits in all production areas Unforeseen machine failures result in performance interruptions, delivery bottlenecks and lack of quality. Predictive Maintenance is the maintenance strategy of the future, which renders it a vital part of Industry 4.0. Condition Monitoring – Condition Monitoring – is supplemented by a statistical analysis of the data recorded and predictions of future disruptive events. The challenge for the quality of the prediction is to ensure the data is correct and reliable. Our background is in technology, and we occupy a special place in the market for Big Data solutions and data analytics – we know how this data needs to be gathered from your machine pool, your production system. Our services include implementing PM in your application scenario throughout the process, from data capture, through analysis and modelling to implementing a solution in your IT landscape.

  • Complex analyses of machine data with e.g. Splunk ®
  • State-of-the art expertise in the dashboarding and analytics areas
  • statistical computing language R and other modern technologies
  • One-off function covering analysis, prediction and display

ESE Analytics Tool Chain links the world of data analytics to the user’s requirements:

  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Usability
  • Efficiency
  • Professional support.

Develop your own application for Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance, test and optimise the data quality, and implement the application in your enterprise IT. We are an official partner of Siemens Mindsphere and