Requirements Engineering 

The Requirements Engineering involves recording, documenting and reviewing requirements. In this context, the services we offer include:

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Identify requirements, e. g. system specifications and performance specifications
  • Document requirements
  • Review requirements documents
  • Use of UML and SysML to model requirements
  • Hold moderated RE workshops

In the agile project environment (e.g. Scrum) we assist your product owner and team with creating and maintaining the product backlog, writing user stories and developing acceptance criteria. We can create the necessary project documents based on your instructions, or provide all-round support in Requirement Engineering

Requirements Management

The Requirements Management performs the administrative tasks of the project and provides the basis for work of requirement engineering. In this context, the services we offer include:

  • Project support
  • Tools support (e. g. IBM Rational Tools, DOORS, Polarion, Enterprise Architect etc.)
  • Process design and process optimization

We analyse your requirements processes, and help you to implement them, suggesting optimisations. We provide direct support as requirements manager or help to advise your staff in this area.

Training / Coaching

Demanding projects are often extremely challenging for the team and its individuals. Training courses and coaching sessions give staff the skills to meet these challenges. They produce professional people who can achieve better results faster. Not only do they use the skills acquired, they can also pass it on to colleagues. So they contribute to the project’s and the company’s success. In this context, we offer:

    From personalised, one-on-one coaching to group coaching, we will help your team achieve the goals they have set.
    Training can be aimed either at individuals or groups, and the goal will be to deliver practical content.
    We also offer training courses which teach Requirements Engineering basics so that your team share the same understanding. Upon request, the course can be extended to prepare people for the IREB Foundation Level exam.