Machine safety and workplace safety 

As a manufacturer of technical products, you have a multitude of tasks to master. It is not only during the procurement, design or modification of a machine that the complex legal regulations must be known and implemented. After all, handing over the machine from the manufacturer to the operator does not mean the end of machine safety. For the following years, technical products must remain safe in daily use. Even in a small company, you cannot do everything yourself or alone. We support you wherever you need us by testing, advising, creating and training for you. Take advantage of our reliable expertise, theoretical knowledge and practical experience in these areas:

Risk assessmentsInfection prevention risk assessmentsOperating instructionsLockout-Tagout
Verification of existing technical documentationExplosion protectionTrainings, workshops and safety instructionsMachine checks and major changes
Industrial Safety OrganizationSafety and health coordinationConsultingCE Conformity Assessment

Advantages of ESE

  • Machine safety, occupational health and safety, conformity assessment from a single source
  • Dedicate yourself fully to your further tasks. We will take over your topic in the area of occupational safety or conformity assessment.
  • Take advantage of the know-how and experience of an individual team of experts for your project.
  • We work where you need us. Worldwide on request.


Risk assessments

A central task in the field of workplace safety is the systematic implementation and design of risk assessments. It must be carried out regularly and on a case-by-case basis. We can help you identify risks in advance and use our experience to take appropriate safety measures.We prepare your legally compliant risk assessment and thus reduce the number of absences of your employees due to accidents and illness. The result not only reduces operational disruptions and economic losses, but also contributes to quality assurance and the improvement of working conditions.


Infection prevention risk assessments on the current corona-pandemic

As a company, you must take necessary protective measures for your employees - not only out of your own interest in maintaining or resuming business operations as long as possible. You are even legally obliged to do so (§ 618 para. 1 BGB, § 3 Arbeitsschutzgesetz /ArbSchG).

Revise your risk assessments in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act with our help. We will work out your supplementary infection protection risk assessment for you, including the necessary documentation. We will also be pleased to derive all necessary measures for your company-specific protection concept from the risk assessment.

Are you responsible for a small or medium-sized company or are you a freelancer and affected by the Corona crisis? Our consulting services are eligible for funding by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) up to a consulting value of 4,000 euros without own contribution!


Operating instructions

There are risks that can no longer be avoided by technical protective measures, changes in working procedures or the use of non-dangerous substances and preparations. As the operator, you must now exert even greater control over the safe behaviour of your employees. Provide your employees with personal protective equipment, inform them as well as instruct them about organisational measures. The preparation of operating instructions is not only an instrument, but also a general obligation resulting from European and national legislation. On the basis of the risk assessment carried out, we prepare the necessary operating instructions - target-oriented and in accordance with the needs of your company.



The probability of a fatal accident during maintenance work is 50 percent higher than during regular maintenance work. Reasons for this include working directly in a dangerous area, opening systems that are normally closed, safety devices that are switched off, difficult environmental conditions and, last but not least, time pressure on all sides. Define Lockout-Tagout (LoTo) procedures with us that simultaneously reduce accident risks and machine downtimes. We create the conditions for you, implement the LoTo procedure in your company and support you at any time in the adaptation and effectiveness control.


Verification of existing technical documentation

You are not sure whether your technical documentation or those of your suppliers meet the requirements? We offer a plausibility check for the purchase of new machines. We verify the documentation of your old machines and determine the backlog.


Explosion protection

Our experts will support you in implementing the requirements and regulations for explosion protection from European and national legislation. For this purpose, we determine, for example, the explosion hazards, analyse the ignition sources that occur and classify them into zones. The description of the measures is combined in the explosion protection document. If you operate technical systems in potentially explosive atmospheres, these must be checked repeatedly for their explosion safety in accordance with the current European and national legislation. With our help, you can create the right conditions for successful implementation of protective measures. As a qualified persons, we also carry out the testing of your systems in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Trainings, workshops and safety instructions

We support you with a seminar program specifically tailored to your needs. For example, we take into account your operating conditions or the specific machine as well as the previous knowledge of your employees. In advanced workshops, for example, we can teach you how to carry out hazard or risk assessments intensively, considering your individual needs. In addition to risk assessments and operating instructions, safety instructions for occupational health and safety in accordance with DGUV regulation 1 represent a further requirement. These must be repeated at least once a year. We carry out these instructions conveniently and efficiently for you.


Machine checks and major changes

In the future, old machines will still be found in many companies. They are still in a good condition, but often have a different safety level than new machines. In addition, it is common for these machines and systems to be rebuilt, upgraded or extended in the course of use. Under certain circumstances, you may become the operator of a "new" machine - which must fully comply with the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and corresponding national legislative acts. We will determine this fact for you and document the basis for assessment. Our qualified experts also support you in ensuring that the safety level of the old machine remains compatible with today's requirements. Upon request, our experts will summarise the results of the considerations in an expert opinion for you. On request, we will also provide any deficits identified with possible proposals for solutions.


Industrial Safety Organization

As an employer, you are responsible for a functional occupational safety organization in your company. This is most effective if occupational safety and health protection are sustainably integrated into the structures and processes of a company. Despite numerous instructions for action, effective implementation always depends on individual factors. Improve occupational health and safety in your company with us.


Safety and health coordination

The Safety and Health Protection Coordinator (SiGeKo) is responsible for safety and health protection on construction sites. According to the law, a SiGeKo must be convened from a certain size of construction site or through the participation of several employers in construction measures in the industrial environment. Dangerous situations on construction sites can arise in particular from

  • rapidly changing working environments and weather conditions,
  • deadline and cost pressure and
  • when several trades are performed simultaneously or consecutively.

Building owner, site manager and construction company share responsibility for safety and health protection on the construction site.

Our trained safety and health coordinators support you as early as the planning phase with
  • the preparation of necessary documents,
  • consultations on measures in the context of occupational safety and health protection and
  • throughout the execution phase with safety inspections and meetings.


Machine and work safety are our daily occupation. Take advantage of our comprehensive know-how and experience. We will be happy to advise you on your specific question or help you clarify a situation in a solution-oriented and pragmatic manner.


CE Conformity Assessment

Find more information about our services in the CE conformity assessment here.


Our expert team

Our team is made up of experts from various fields. Benefit from our targeted support in your project. Our team consists of several certified experts from the fields of machine and plant safety, operational safety and explosion protection as well as functional safety for machines.

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