Without rough edges - and risk: How the ESE supports the development of the cobot

PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Lars Schnieder describes in the January issue of the VDI member journal "iQjournal" how ESE provides evidence of safety for collaborative robots. (Please note: Article is only available in german language)

Robots have been used in industry for about 40 years to automate flow production and with the aim of achieving short cycle times and high repeatability with very high availability. Robots are also used wherever heavy loads have to be moved or very fast and repetitive movements have to be performed. In this context, industrial robots tend to be dangerous machines that must be separated from humans by special safety devices.
A collaborative robot, or cobot for short, is an industrial robot that works together with humans and is not separated from them in the production process by protective devices. The typical tasks of cobots are handling, for example for object transfer, simple manufacturing tasks such as joining or gluing processes, and less frequently the execution of more complex manufacturing processes such as welding applications. Physical contact cannot be ruled out when working with a robot. Therefore, the basic requirement of a robotics application must be to create a workspace with no or very low hazard and risk potential for humans.

ESE GmbH has been supporting the company Yuanda Robotics GmbH from Hanover for two years in bringing their collaborative robot to market. After completion of the first project phase with a type release in the first quarter of 2021, Yuanda plans to localize series production in China. The article provides detailed information on the risk assessments, safety analyses and the safety case required to bring the collaborative robot to market. You can access the full article at the following link: (page 6f.)

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