The ESE with expert lectures at the Technology Forum "Functional Safety" and the Symposium "Automated and connected Driving" in Braunschweig

From February 5 to 7th 2019, ESE GmbH will present its range of services for functional safety in the automotive sector in two lectures at FuSi and AAET 2019 in the Stadthalle in Braunschweig.

The aim of functional safety is to develop products that prevent the user and other persons from being exposed to recognizable hazards when using the product. This requires the definition of risk control measures already in the development phase. In two lectures, different aspects of the relevant standards will be considered.

Thomas Winterfeldt and Dr.-Ing. Stefan von der Decken will discuss in their lecture "ISO 26262 and agile development" the tension between agile software development, the Scrum process model and the development lifecycle of ISO 26262. The speakers will describe how these three topics complement each other, where they have similarities and where they contradict each other. For conflicts between the ISO and an agile development and the application of Scrum, approaches are shown how the aims of the ISO 26262 can be achieved alternatively by a suitable adjustment.

Dr.-Ing. Lars Schnieder und René S. Hosse present in their lecture "A holistic understanding of safety for the development of safety-relevant electronic control systems for motor vehicles". They present how the previously isolated tasks of engineering complex electronic vehicle systems can be integrated on the basis of a common metamodel. Besides the completeness of the safety function (safety of the intended functionality), they also consider the non-compromising of the safety function (cybersecurity) as well as the functional safety according to ISO 26262. These three standards are currently isolated and are not contradictorily related to each other.

Do you have questions or are interested in the presentation? Get in contact with Thomas Winterfeldt or Dr.-Ing. Lars Schnieder and get more information.

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