Digitalization of corporate training in the ESE Academy

For years, ESE has been focusing on the further development of the ESE Academy in order to identify and promote the potential of employees in the best possible way. In issue 7+8 2021 of the journal 'Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau', Franziska Schwarz (Head of ESE Academy) and ESE Managing Director PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Lars Schnieder present the further education concept of ESE GmbH and report on the far-reaching advantages that have resulted from the digitalization of the ESE Academy.

The rapid growth and digitalization of the rail industry place new qualification requirements on employees. In order to provide the necessary competencies for the digitalization of the railway, corporate education should be a central function in companies.

ESE GmbH has recognized the strategic importance of the factor "human capital" and has continuously expanded this by means of the ESE Academy in recent years. The aim of the ESE Academy is to offer sustainable further education measures, which are oriented towards both employee and company needs. This applies to the concrete content offered as well as to the teaching methodology, the implementation period or the structural design of the training measures.

Individual training program in a blended learning approach

Since the qualification needs of the ESE GmbH employees are very individual, these are worked out in regular personnel appraisals between the employees and the managers. In coordination with the ESE Academy, the needs are translated into a targeted, individualized training program for each employee.

In order to gain the greatest possible value from the further training measures, the ESE Academy relies on a blended learning approach. The mix of different methods of corporate training offers the opportunity for a holistic and, above all, needs-specific transfer of knowledge on a wide range of topics - with a focus on both theoretical and practical content.

Digital teaching and the system-technical implementation

Digital teaching methods in particular have gained in importance for the ESE Academy over the past two years.By using synchronous (instructor and participants are in a virtual room at the same time) and asynchronous (learning content is made available via a digital platform) digital teaching elements, it is possible to train employees simultaneously across all ESE locations, to operate more cost-effectively, and to integrate training courses more flexibly into everyday working life.


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