ESE GmbH with IoT session at the .conf 2019 in Las Vegas

The .conf user conference will take place in Las Vegas from 21 to 24 October. IT, security and business experts will have the opportunity to learn new skills in the context of IoT and Splunk in over 300 training sessions and in a joint exchange.

As a development partner for IoT solutions in the rail and industry sector, ESE GmbH is also involved in .conf. Janina Kropf and Henning Brandt will present their current Use Case Elbe 4.0, which aims to extend the automation of the Port of Hamburg to ships:
"The Port of Hamburg is the main entrance to the German market and the third largest European port by transit volume, passing nearly 9 million containers each year. Although it has witnessed several stages of automation, there is still vast, untapped potential to preserve resources, both economic and ecological. By introducing IoT with Splunk, we move away from the docks and onto the vessels, equipping one tugboat and one inland cargo ship with IoT technology to measure movement and gather data about energy consumption from their 1950s diesel engines. The goal of this PoC environment is to automate the communication between ship and port authority, as well as visualize their field of operation to evenly distribute load and optimize the travel distances. On a broader spectrum, we also built a simulation model within our dashboard to investigate the benefits of adapting the vessels with engines powered to natural gas or electricity based on their consumption patterns."

Are you interested in further information about Elbe 4.0 or the topic Industrial IoT in general and are looking for answers to your individual question in this context? Feel free to contact Janina Kropf or Henning Brandt.
Further information on the lecture by Janina Kropf and Henning Brandt can be found at: