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"All new colleagues are very warmly welcomed here right from the beginning."

From trainee to a permanent position in less than a year - that is the story of Jacob. He tells you about his career path at ESE here!

"Jacob, you are an assessor trainee at ESE. What are your responsibilities?"

As an automotive assessor trainee, I am involved in the system development of a driver assistance system, take over the design of the system processes, and develop the guidelines for system development - in other words, a kind of manual or guideline on how to make the development conform to standards.

"What made you decide to come to the ESE?"

I had to complete a mandatory internship for my Bachelor's degree. A friend told me about ESE and said that it's really cool here and that interns noit only do the typical internship work, but are involved in the projects from the very beginning.
I then came to ESE to complete my mandatory internship here and complete my Bachelor's degree.
Then everything happened very quickly: After three months of internship I was offered a position as a working student and after only a few months I was offered a permanent contract on the basis of 16 hours. Because at the same time I am now doing my Master's degree.

 "How was the first day, and generally how did you get started at ESE?"

The first day was very well organised and after the first IT and security briefings in the main building I was welcomed by my mentor Stephan. Stephan told me a lot about the ESE in the first time, answered numerous questions and helped me very well.
My main impression was and still is that all new colleagues are very warmly welcomed here right from the start. You can see that the company really cares about its employees.

In addition, the Academy is quite good; I have already taken part in several workshops. As participants, we can take courses that end with an official certificate, but we can also listen to smaller workshops organised within ESE and held by colleagues. It is great to get an insight into other areas of the company's work in this way.

"Was there an individual development plan for you right from the start?"

I was already shown a potential development path in my job interview and it was made clear that at ESE - if the working relationship turns out well and both sides can imagine it - interns are offered positions as working students.
At the beginning of my internship, I drew up an orientation and development plan with my manager. This also included participation in all training courses that were suitable - such as the ISO Basic training or the hardware and software training. I found it very cool that ESE already invests in interns in the sense that you are allowed to participate in such courses. This really got me into the subject.
And even now in my permanent position we have set up a medium and long-term development plan for the next 2 ½ years.




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